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About Us

     Specializing in a European style of Architectural Concrete Pavers, Tile Tech is an American company with decades of experience in the production of Concrete Pavers, Architectural Concrete Pavers, Pedestal Paver System, Interlockng pavers, Detectable Warning Pavers, ADA Truncated dome pavers & matching stair treads. We also custom manufacture Architectural Interlockng Precast Concrete Pavers, Precast Concrete terrazzo tiles & Detectable Warning Pavers with ADA Truncated Domes. Additional Precast Concrete accessories include stair treads, risers, pool coping & Stamped pavers.

     Our state-of-the-art equipment is unique to the Western United States and produces the highest quality Concrete Pavers & Precast Concrete terrazzotiles.

     These Eurogranite Concrete Pavers incorporate marble and granite particles in a light color cement matrix for a decorative top layer, which is pressure-bonded or Hydra Pressed to a bottom layer of sand and cement for added strength. The resulting product boasts a compressive strength many times that of concrete and traditional modular pavers & paving units.Concrte Pavers give functional beauty while making walkways, driveways, roof decks, pool decking, patio areas, and streetscapes virtual works of art.

     The decorative surface is ground & polished to expose the natural beauty of the aggregates which can also be shot blasted to meet all necessary slip resistance requirements for outdoor use.

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